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A lot of electrical components work hand in hand in order to be effective. Take a way a component, and you surely would have a less efficient equipment or device to work with. Like the body, all of these components are similar to the systems. We have the brain which controls the nerve impulses and actions. We have the heart that pumps blood. We also have the digestive system which helps to absorb nutrients from foods. We also have the kidneys that help to filter urine going out of the body. Each of these systems must work efficiently in order to attain optimal overall function from the body. Take out the heart, for example, and there will be no blood flowing through your body. The result? Well, a person can easily die.
This is a simple analogy that we can relate with most of the devices that we have today. Several components may work together, piece by piece, within each device. Among these components, the PCB is perhaps one of the most popular. PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. They are the small board structures that you can find in the device. Their sizes also vary, depending on how big or small a device usually is.

PCBs can also be divided into several categories. And one effective means of categorizing these printed circuit boards is through its rigidity. With this, we can have either a microwave PCB Board, a Rigid PCB, or a combination of both which is the Rigid PCB. The most important thing to remember as to the differences among these three is their physical characteristics. The Flex one means that they are flexible and can bend up to a certain degree. The Rigid, on the other hand, does not permit this. Lastly, the Rigid Flex is the latest technology and offers both characteristics of flex and rigid.

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