Durability of PCb

Do you know what instigated the drive for the people to invent the first computer? It was the burden of constant computing. There was an early computing tool such as the abacus of China which made use of beads that were placed according to the places of digit. For example, this column of beads signified tens digit and this column of beads signified the hundreds digits. Even prior to abacus counting material already existed. Paleolithic man already started counting using the bones as its counting material, if not the bones of the animals they killed then they have also tried the little pebbles and rocks that litter the ground. Computer was made because some works which require constant simple computation could be taxing on the person’s mind and could induce a mental stress. That’s the earliest of computers was made to handle simple calculation and that time people were still more accurate in giving calculations. Now, computers are better than ever and can could handle computation that re not normally that fast when done by a human. They have incredible processing speeds nowadays that they are now used to calculate researcher’s problem— but there were still formulas that were not accurate for example a woman who works at NASA created formula and after the invention of computers scientist still came to her to check if the readings made by the computers were accurate since the computer were really not that accurate. One thing is for sure, computers nowadays are experimented further to better increase the reliability and durability like for example most of the motherboards today are made of Medical PCB technology. Heavy Copper PCB manufacturersis especially good because the copper in it a very good conductive material which makes transferring of electricity and signals much faster compared to others

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