PCB rigidity by PCB Manufacturer

Apparently, one of the most important components of any device that we have today would be no other than the PCB. PCB is just the acronym to mean Printed Circuit Boards, and they are practically everywhere and all around us. These boards are important since they function to connect the rest of the components within a particular device in order to make a circuit, and thus let a device function as a unit. Clearly, the absence of these board would not let any device even function. These boards are made up of insulating materials and the boards are made up of copper layers as well as conductive traces or signals that are either printed or etched in them. PCBs are incorporated in almost all of the devices that we have around today.

Whether it is cellular phone, or a kitchen appliance, or even heavy machinery used in industrial sectors, they will all need these boards in order to function. A PCB manufacturer is the one which produces them and there are many types of PCBs that are being produced today based on its rigidity.
With different types of application comes the need for different types of PCBs. A PCB manufacturer may produce either a rigid, a flex, or a rigid flex variety of Printed Circuit Boards. The rigid type of PCB is the most commonly used today, and they are seen mostly in various daily consumer electronic products like television, computers, cellular phones and the likes. Because it is rigid, it can break when flexed on a certain point. The Flexible PCB, on the other hand, is thinner and allows more room for flexing. They can be flexed and they are seen in medical equipment or in flexible heaters. The rigid flex PCB is a combination and they are seen in military or in aerospace application.

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