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We live in a world today that is mainly dependent on electronics. Let us face it, no man living in the urban world would be able to survive for one whole day without the use of even the simplest of the electronic devices there is. However, as popular these electronic devices are, people often seen to neglect some of the vital components that make a device function. One of these important components present in almost all electronic devices is no other than the PCB or the Printed Circuit Boards. Not only does this PCB make a device work or function, but it also make mass production very possible and have the capability of automating many of today’s manufacturing or other factory works.
A Printed Circuit Board is basically a thin board made up of an insulating material which is found mostly at the side of an electronic device such as a computer or a cellular phone. The surfaces of these boards are made up of metal in its bottom and top surfaces. If you take a closer look in the metal surface, you will see that etches are being generated automatically which allows them to produce a pathway that makes it possible for the electric current to pass from one to another.
There are different electronic devices which use these PCBs. Computers are one of the most popular of these devices. While one may be unfamiliar of the term PCB, surely most of us are familiar with the term mother board. Motherboards and these Printed Circuit Boards are the same and they are both referring to the same thing. Needless to say, the motherboards are the heart of the computer. Without these vital electronic components, all the functions and the roles of the computer would cease to exist and thus rendering the device rather useless.

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